Lesson 6 – Scene 1 in your story

Scenery and puppets

Objective: To design and create a background for a Scene 1 of your story and sprites that perfom in the Scene 1. To think in more detail processes and sequences of events in the Scene 1.

1. Revision

  • evaluation of the last lesson and feedback
  • differences in scenes and sprites

2. Close analysis and deep thinking about Scene 1

  • The computer must be precisely told/communicated what, when and how to carry out.

3. Practical exercises with/without a computer

  • ASSIGNMENT 1 – Create backgrounds in Scratch for the Scene 1 (and if you can also for Scene 2).
  • ASSIGNMENT 2 – Concentrate your mind, think about your story and tell what will be happened in the Scene 1 of your story.
  • ASSIGNMENT 3 – Narrate in details a storyboard for the Scene 1 on a back side of the worksheet.
  • ASSIGNMENT 4 Complete data into a timeline table: a list of sprites and how their activities proceed in a time.

Material to download: