Lesson 1 – Let’s get started with Scratch 1.4

Introduction into Scratch 1.4

Objective: To learn the Scratch programming environment, its operation and idea. This verify on the simple tasks.


  • To revise what has been studied and to practice Scratch 1.4
  • To insert a background, to define a position of a sprite on a scene (reference to the Questionnaire, question 8c – button)
  • To learn fundamental “actions” with sprites (to use a function “pen”; to display a pattern on a monitor; reference to the Questionnaire, question 8b – hexagon)
  • To create pupil teams, to control a choice of story

At the end of the lesson you would be able: to upload a background, and sprites, to insert pieces with commands, and to save a project

Exercises to try/to drill-and-practice: 01_zadani

Assignment available for download: On the scene there are three kittens Macourek, Camfourek and Pacička. Each kitten has a task to change a position on the scene: Pacička should move to the top left corner; Macourek and Camfourek each of them should move to a lower corner of the pattern that Pacička is drawing. Help them to solve this problem.

  • After starting a program Pacička is drawing a 200 steps square in the middle of the scene. (Modification of this task: Pacička is drawing a hexagon instead of the square, we can change a thickness and a colour of pen).
  • After a mouse klicking on Macourek Macourek (tracks) runs around on a line that was drawn by Pacička. Macourek can change its dress to keep up appearances or illusion Macourek is running and not gliding over the line.
  • By a space bar pressing Camfourek goes around the line in the opposite direction than Macourek. Camfourek will not turn around the line, but all the time it will be standing on feet. And besides, Camfourek can leave the line to go aside it and by pressing a key L or P Camfourek can change a direction of its walk. By pressing a key S stop Camfourek and place it just opposite to Macourek.

Main principles for teamwork:

(1) Everybody knows who is his/her colleague in a teamwork.

(2) Each team has a name. Each member of the team gives consent to its name. A team can have two members, extraordinarily one or three members.

(3) All members of a team know which story his/her team composses and is adapting.

(4) Each member of the team completes his/her own worksheet to be able to continue at any time including in a case if his/her team-partners are absent.

Homework (Worksheet):

  1. Co-operatively write a story (fairy story) – use max. 10 sentences.
  2. Draw a script of your story in a shape of a comics with four sequences (storyboad with four scenes).
  3. Think about a course of events in your story.
  4. Draw sprites in Scratch.
  5. Design a background of each sequence (scene).

Try sketching your ideas or visions in a worksheet. In a teamwork with your discuss about created pictures and strike a deal with your colleague on a common solution.

Materials to download:

Footnote or something extra: Online environment for script production (storyboard): https://www.storyboardthat.com/