Lesson 8 – starting to write scripts

Sprite to places!

Objective: Based on scenario initialize sprites in the scene.

1. Repetition:

  • repetition of basic algorithmic concepts
  • setting sprites to their default value  (such as variable initialization)

2. Sprite placement to the basic position:

  •  It is important, to tell the computer exactly, where should sprites (when green flags is clicked) appear
  • It must be set all properties, for each sprite, which can be changed during playback of a story such as e.g.
    • position,
    • direction,
    • size,
    • costume,
    • to show or to hide,  etc.

3.  Practical exercises on a computer or without

  • TASK 1 – deploy all sprites to scene 1 and set their default values

karkulka_02 karkulka_01



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