Lesson 9 – The story begins

The first act begins!

Objective: Create scripts for the first scene after broadcasting and receiving a message “beginning”

1. Repetition:

  • default setting of the scene
  • broadcasting messages to call another action (function/procedure)
  • response to received message as to start some action (function/procedure)

2. Setting the default properties of the first scene

  • after start (green flag is clicked) must be set appropriate backdrop
  • to start the story, broadcast a message “beginning”
  • each sprite who appears at the beginning responds to the message the “beginning” and all must be assigned the appropriate scripts, whichever one has to do

3. Practical exercises on a computer or without

  • TASK 1 – set default backdrop and broadcast report “beginning”


  • TASK 2 – for all sprite who are responding to the message “beginning” create relevant scripts according to the scenario



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Something extra:

Creating sprite / costume store scene as a picture, see the card Červená karkulka – programujeme II