Lesson 10 – A story telling is keeping at

Story is keeping at …

Objective: Pupils follow-up their first scene by changing a background (scenery) for the second scene of the story. They program a process for the second scene in accordance with a scenario of their storytelling.

1. Revision

  • sending message and receiving responses
  • programming particular processes (functions/procedures) based on receiving messages

2. Changes of scenery and background

  • differences in commands of “send a message” and “send a message and wait”
    • A message “to change scenery” is sent by a last performer (sprite) or a background when is over the last action for “send a message and wait”

karkulka_07 karkulka_08 karkulka_09

3.  Practical exercise on/without a computer

  • TASK 1: to link the first scenery and to continue using “send a message” for example “scena 2”
  • TASK 2: in accordance with the scenario for the second scene to program actions of its sprites. The sprites will respond to receiving a message “scena 2”. It is possible to include another messages and to program other parts of story


Materials for download:

Get Adobe Flash Player, otherwise this Scratch movie will not play.

In addition:

The interactive elemnet: Little Red Riding Hood is picking flowers in the forest. The flowers are placed on random positions, Little Red Riding Hood is picking flowers to make a bouquet.  Little Red Riding Hood follows a mouse’s position a then flowers follow a Little Red Riding Hood’s position.