Lesson 3 – scripts

  … Over oat , over a green meadow

Objective: To learn how to set the default values of sprite, able to navigate in a scene using coordinates x, y. Understand the significance of default.

1. To revise:

  • positioning in a scene
  • default settings for each sprite or “Once upon a time there was, in a land far far away …
  • position, looks, hide, show, be visible
  • costumes
  • script analysis of the used song in a scene, sending message

2.  Scripts for the sprite “dog”

  • default settings
  • jump over oat, cutting a caper over a meadow

3. Practical exercises on/without using a computer or without

  • ASSIGNMENT 1 – A dog jumps and hops over the oat and cuts a caper over a meadow
  • ASSIGNMENT 2 – Write and design your own story within the team !

Material to download:

  • Jumping and hopping dog – 3 (today’s solutions)
  • Manual step by step how to animate the dog