Lesson 2 – dances with sprites

 Skákal pes … (Czech folk song: A dog was hopping …)

Objective: To distinguish the Scratch concepts like background, sprite and get acquainted with their properties.

  1. Practising
  • To paste background, sprite
  • To place sprites on a position on a scene
  • To trigger sprites (small flag, mouse click on a green small flag, pressing a key)
  1. Dances with sprites according to the folk song “Skákal pes přes oves” (A dog was hopping …)
  • A sprite design – costume, palette Looks (colour, size, …)
  • To send a message, to trigger scripts Having been received a message
  • Repeating, conditions – palette Control
  • Sprite’s coordinates, touch of sprites – palette Sensing
  • Music – import sounds, přehrávání not

We have learned: To animate particular components (dog, huntsman, etc.) in the Scratch project “Skákal pes“. We realized the importance of default settings of each individual components (sprite) such as a starting position, direction (orientation), costume etc., including the importancy of the fact if a sprite is hidden or visible immediately after starting a program. We understand better similar issues concerning scene. We are able to display readouts.

We have tried more “commands” in a palette of Motion, Looks, Control, Sounds, Sensing and Operators.

Skákal pes přes oves (animovaný GIF)

A dog was jumping over oat (animated GIF)

  1. Exercises on computers (teamwork)
  • ASSIGNMENT 1: Skákal pes
  • ASSIGNMENT 2 – long-term -> Your own project

Materials to download:



Footnote or something extra: Scratch cards enable to learn very quickly a new Scratch coding (English).