Lesson 4 – sounds and another new sprites …

 … followed by the hunter

Objective: Practicing the use of commands for controlling the sprites in the scene completition of the exercise.

1. To revise skills:

  • to set a scene, default sprite values
  • to send message and to response message

2. To complete scripts for a dog-sprite and a hunter

  • “animation” costume change while jumping
  • audio recording, dog’s barking
  • a hunter follows the dog
  • individual teamwork aimed to complete all tasks

3. Practical exercise on/without a computer:

  • ASSIGNMENT 1 – Create a folder for your own story (per team)
  • ASSIGNMENT 2 – Complete the exercise with a song A dog was jumping …– a final version for this lesson – “The dog was jumping 4“. You can use it as a textbook and to modify or improve
  • ASSIGNMENT 3 – Develop within teamwork your own story as a set of 4 scenes Worksheet
    1. text of the story, to shade the parts / scenes
    2. sketch, a list of names and sprites with particular scenes
    3. detailed description of the scene  (Eg. “Little Red Riding Hood)

Materials to download: